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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Two Circ Socks, Pakucho Cotton, Lace Poncho Update

In my latest grand master plan, I had vowed to return to my socks and finish them before starting anything else. I started these socks in January, during my return to knitting after.. maybe 15 years since I last knit. Amazing how long it's been.

The socks have mock cables, they're a Mountain Colors pattern. My first socks, ever. I will take this moment to say that I absolutely hate knitting socks on dpns, and I especially hate knitting this particular sock pattern on dpns. It took me 45 mins to knit two rows. I knew something had to be done.

Soooo, yesterday I went to the Weaving Works and got myself some size 1 Inox circs in 16" and 24". Stacy helped me with the basic concept of two-circ sock knitting. I had my doubts about the 16" needle, thinking it would be too short, and I was right.. my personal preference is for the 24".

Today I returned and exchanged it for a 29" since I don't like to have duplicate needles, but it's a bit on the long side. The 24" really is the perfect length. Either way, presuming I am inspired enough to knit another pair of socks, the 24" is long enough knit both socks simultaneously (at least, according to the Toe-Up Two Circ Sock pattern on KnitPicks' website).

I think the next pair of socks will go by substantially faster, given that they will be simpler and that I will have mastered the two circ method ;)

In other news, I got my order of Pakucho organic cotton in avocado and vanilla recently. It was a beautiful sight. Wonderfully packaged. I am so antsy, I cannot wait to start knitting with it, but alas.. I must finish all WIPs before I can move on.

I also scored a heck of a deal on some Jo Sharp Aran Tweed.. it was in the bargain bin at $2 at WW, supposedly b/c the ball became unwound somehow, with no loss of yardage. Either way, it's beautiful and soft stuff. I am thinking of making a pair of fingerless mitts, but I doubt I can get a pair in with one ball. Wow, I love this yarn.

I'm near completion on the lace poncho. Waiting for the final skein of Andean Silk to arrive from KnitPicks (along with my skein of Essential.. yes, a sock yarn!). I've been blocking as I go just for the heck of it.. I can see the design and it's quite attractive :) I wish I had made the poncho smaller though, since I intended to use it as a wrap, and it really is more like a poncho.

Even though it's lace, it's rather boring to knit. I've found lately that I am incredibly bored knitting almost everything.. time for a change of pace?

More details, updates, pictures to arrive.. eventually.


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